Learn more about digital coupons

Which stores are participating in this promotion?

  • You can find participating stores by opening the discount coupon and clicking on the ‘find participating stores’ button, a map will then appear with all nearby stores that are accepting the discount coupon.

Why is my barcode moving / flickering?

  • To prevent discount coupons from being mis-used they are encrypted, however they still scan as a normal barcode would at the till.

The scanner didn't read the barcode

  • Scanners can occasionally be temperamental. You may not have held your phone long enough for the scanner to read the barcode, 3-4 seconds is recommended. If the scanner is failing, please ask the cashier to manually enter the barcode number into the till.

My discount coupon didn't work at self checkout

  • When redeeming discount coupons, retailers generally prefer customers to use a cashier-operated checkout.
    Where possible, please redeem at a cashier-operated checkout to avoid disappointment.

Cashier refused to accept my discount coupon

  • Some cashiers are not familiar with digital discount coupons. If a cashier refuses your discount coupon, please tell them that your coupon was provided by a manufacturer and if possible ask to see their manager and present the information behind the button "Coupon not accepted" which you can find by clicking the "I need help" button on your coupon.

I was in a non-participating store

  • Please check the store locator map to determine if the store you are in is participating in the promotion. To access the store locator map, please tap on the store locator button found on your coupon.

Cashier incorrectly entered the barcode number

  • Human error is unavoidable when entering a long number into a till. If this happens, simply ask the cashier to enter the number again.

How can I find out when the the discount coupon is due to expire?

  • When viewing the details of the offer you will see a countdown timer displaying when the offer is due to expire.
    As long as your discount coupon hasn’t expired, once you are at checkout and ready to pay, simply click the ‘READY TO PAY’ button which then fully UNLOCKS the discount coupon and gives you up to 20 minutes to complete the transaction and redeem the offer at the till.

My coupon was mistaken for a loyalty coupon

  • Please inform the cashier that your discount coupon is provided by a manufacturer, and not a loyalty app.

Learn more about cashback

What is the CashbackNow service?

  • CashbackNow is a service that makes the process of claiming back the cash element of the offer quick and simple - When you are ready to get your cashback, having purchased the product, simply tap the relevant store icon on the coupon and then click the Cashback button to reveal your unique coupon code. Then please clearly write your code on the receipt and upload a photo of the receipt onto your phone and submit it for validation. As soon as it is approved [usually within 30 mins], you will be sent an SMS containing a secure link for you to complete the cashback process.

What is the difference between a discount Coupon and Cashback?

  • When using a valid discount Coupon, the discount is directly applied by scanning the encrypted coupon barcode at the till before payment.
  • When using Cashback, you will need to purchase the product and submit your receipt via the simple 3 step CashbackNow service, before the offer expires in order to claim the cashback element.

How can I find out when the cashback offer is due to expire?

  • When opening the Cashback offer, you will see a countdown clock displaying when the offer is due to expire – your receipt must be submitted for validation prior to the expiration date.
    Once your receipt has been approved, you will receive a secure link, via SMS which gives you up to 3 days to complete the cashback process.

Why can't I redeem this offer online?

  • Unless specified otherwise, these offers are applied to in-store purchases only.